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Torpedo Sushi

What's a "Torpedo"?

Tor∙pe∙do (noun):  A handheld, uncut sushi roll stuffed fat with fresh ingredients and bursting with California-inspired flavors. Made to order. Built for speed. Sure to demolish your hunger.

"The Sushi Burrito"

Your Hunger Wonít Know What Hit It
Satisfy your sushi cravings with a mouthwatering Torpedo. We took the classic sushi roll and launched it into the 21st century by making it portable for your on-the-go lifestyle. Then we infused some California flair, like sustainable fish and farm fresh, local, organic ingredients, for a sushi experience that will blow your mind.

Look Ma, No Chopsticks!

No more long waits at a sit-down restaurant, no more clumsy chopsticks and runaway maki rolls-just fresh, portable goodness wrapped tight into a Torpedo and served pretty darn quick.

Hey!  Itís Not Polite To Stare!
Come in and grab your Torpedo today!

Torpedo Sushi

25 Grand Avenue
Oakland, CA  94612

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Mon - Sat:  4pm to 7pm