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About Us

Torpedo Sushi is a locally owned and operated sushi restaurant in Oakland and home to the newest sushi creation, The Torpedo: a handheld, uncut sushi roll bursting with fresh seafood and locally grown organic ingredients.

Meet the Captain of This Sushi Ship
After 14 years in the restaurant industry and after being owner and chef at a sushi restaurant, Luis knew sushi could be better. There had to be some way to make it fast, fresh, affordable and convenient to eat on the go. In 2011, Luis moved to the Bay Area of California, where inspiration struck: he could combine his love for classic sushi with quality seafood and farm fresh produce to create an exciting, new sushi roll.

So Luis had three goals:

  1. Make sushi fast, affordable, and portable
  2. Keep the freshness and quality of authentic Japanese sushi
  3. Infuse some Bay Area flair

Luis decided the best way to tackle all three goals was to launch a Sushi Torpedo.

Destroy Your Hunger, Not the Planet
Did you know 75% of the world's fish stocks are being harvested faster than they can reproduce*? While Torpedo Sushi is ruthless in fighting sushi cravings, we have a soft spot for protecting the environment. We support responsible fishing practices, so we donít contribute to the depletion of our oceanís resources.

We also use local, farm fresh and organic ingredients whenever possible. Why you ask?  Well it tastes better, itís good for you, it supports our community and itís better for the environment. Need we say more?

See? Itís all good. So the only thing you need to feel bad about is not letting your friend have a bite of your Torpedo. (But hey, we donít judge.)